The best creative work flow is a clearly-defined process which mazimizes efficiency and effectiveness, involving writing of copy, photography, illustration, and graphic design. The general steps are:

  • Review the planning parameters
  • Creative development (eg. brainstorming, sketches)
  • Client review (or review from upper management)
  • Creative and technical revisions (eg. typos, color corrections)
  • Client review/approval (may require more than one review for approval)

Some additional tips on creative workflow:

  • Copywriting - final copy should be approved by the time the layout design is ready to go to a first full draft. Lorem Ipsum (or "Greeking") can be used for mockups prior to first draft.
  • Graphic Design - should combine a range of aesthetic skills and a sensitivity to the goals of the project, to develop the visual form of the publication, and should seek to understand all the definitions formulated in the planning stage.
  • Photography and Illustration - may be created specifically for the publication, or may be available in the form of stock images or clip art. The choices are dictated by factors such as budget, appropriateness of content, or conforming to corporate guidelines or technology paramenters.