File Preparation - bleed and trim

In documents where printing goes right to the edge of the page, the bleed is the part of the image that extends beyond the trim marks. A printer must print on a larger sheet and trim the page to size to achieve the "print to the edge" results. The Forms Outlet, Inc. requests that you include at least an 1/8" bleed past the trim marks.

To cut out or trim unneeded portions of an image or a page. Cutting lines, known as cut marks or crop marks, may be indicated on a print-out of the image or page to show where to trim. Especially used when a bleed requires a larger paper size than the final trim size.

Trim Size
The final size of a printed page after excess edges have been cut off. Cut marks to indicate where to cut are printed in the edges that are then trimmed after printing.

Image Area
The image area is the part of the layout that contains text and images that must be visible in the final product. Leaving a small margin between the trim size and the image areas allows for small variances in the cutting process.

Business card with no bleed
Business card with no bleed - photo image is smaller than trim size.

Business card with no bleed
Business card with bleed - photo image is larger than trim size.